Caricamento Eventi

What to bring:

The location is fully equipped with Yoga mats, bolsters, belts and blocks, so you can travel light. Suggete items: sneakers, baithing suit, journal. 

How to get there:

The location can provide shuttle service from the Porto airport to D’alijo Yoga Retreat Center, you only have to riserve it on time. The cost per trip, which can tal up to 4 persone, is of 110 € each way. We can also organize it on the way back. We highly suggest to share the rental of a car within the participants. This solution is the cheaper (on Ryanair you can find cars for 20 € a day) this option Will also give you the freedom to explore the surroundings during the free time within your day.

Once the group will be finalized, we will create a Facebook page where the participants will be connected and facilitated in the organization of details.

We plan to have the first Yoga class, July the 7th, at 18.00. Every morning from the 8th to the 13th, the morning practice will take place at 8.00 am. In the afternoon we plan to unroll our mate at 18.00. The morning of the 14th, the last class Will be at 7.30 am.

We Will have plenty of time to dedicate to the exploration of the surroundings areas. For nature lovers you can find beautiful walks  within the property and you can enjoy regenerating swims in waters of the natural lakes. We plan on sharing purifying rituals by the waterfall and in the eucalyptus forest. For this who love to explore typical places, close by you can find small tono and villages which are very characteristic. 




Food will be a big part of our experience: D’Alijo Yoga reserves particular care and attention to the preparation of meals. The kitchen uses only seasonal and local products. The north of Portugal is the oldest wine-producing region of the territory and is known worldwide for the nectar that is born in these lands, Porto. For lovers of good wine, our location offers an excellent selection of wines. If you have intolerances or allergies you can communicate them in time and our Chef Mikel will study a menu suited to your needs.



Anna’s Yoga is based on the style of Vinyasa Krama Flow, which sees us moving on the mat in a fluid and harmonious way. Each lesson has a specific theme and a direction that is reached through the unfolding of the postures that joined together create a sort of wave with an initial phase, a peak and a descent towards final relaxation. The morning practices are characterized by a solar nature that awakens and strengthens leaving us full of energy. The evening lessons are instead aimed at making us integrate the experiences lived during the day, guiding us towards a space of meditation and peace.

On this holiday we will also be cheered and inspired by the wonderful voice and presence of Arya & Shivaan, a Bhakti couple passionate about Yoga, sacred sounds and spiritual music.


Let’s hear the students…..

  • “Anna changed my life! Her professionalism, her joy and her grace in practicing yoga have opened up a world totally unknown to me!” Federico Hertel – student –
  • “Anna is a unique blend of spirt and practicality. She cultivates a truly inspired practice with great humanity and a deep empathy for the way our bodies show up each day. I always leave feeling more uplifted, inspired and open than when I came.” Hanna Webb – Yoga Teacher
  • “Anna creates in each of her practices a magic, a perfect alchemy between movement, breath and mindfulness. She knows exactly where to take you and she does it with extreme grace, fluidity and above all empathy. Hers is a practice accessible to all, but that at the same time it takes you to places both physical and of the heart where you never thought you would arrive. Besides being stimulating on the physical level, his practices always prove to be a place from which to start a deep journey within oneself 🙏🏼 “Mirella – student
  • “With Anna you become one with the flow, her poetic and energetic style, allows you to listen to your body, rediscovering that fluid and energetic awareness, never mechanical. Her practices are like rituals, prayers in motion, the Asanas of mudra within the Vinyasa wave. Anna manages to convey all her beauty and elegance in her lessons with a masterful ability “Sabrina – student



There is the possibility to view interactive links to the different rooms here 



Before May 30th 2022
The reservation fee will be entirely rehimbursed**
May 30th until July 30th 2022:
50% of the reservation fee will be rehimbursed

After August 1st there will be no refund . The quote can be used towards the future edition.

** € 50,00 will be held for secretary espensed.

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