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TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM YACEP (continuing Education yoga Alliance)

Ayurveda and Yoga see the body and nature as comprised of the elemental qualities of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. In the physical body, these elemental qualities work in a dynamic relationship with each other for optimal health and vitality. Each one of them is said to govern a part of our body and all together they create structure, cohesion, transformation, movement and space. As yoga teachers we often see our students in a state of disembodiment and being disconnected from their capability to tap into their bodily sensitivity.Being able to understand the feelings that arise from working with the elements in our āsana practice can help us to uncover the elements’ innate balancing principle.

Through her past years of study and practice, Anna Inferrera has created a series of yoga sequences geared to unveil the power of the elements within our physical and energetic Body-Temple. Her approach to the practice is extremely useful to guide the students towards an effective state of listening and awareness.

According to non-dual Tantra philosophy, the divine creative pulsation of life is called spanda and it unfolds and contracts through each element, moment, place and being. By knowing spanda, one knows the essence of life.

Andrea Boni has been a dedicated meditator for over 45 years and his passion for scriptural studies is well known to students all over the world. In this training he will guide us in an in-depth inquiry into the geographical structure of the subtle body in relation to the meditation practice. His main inspiration for this inquiry will be the Spanda Kārikā (Stanzas on Divine Vibration) a non-dual Tantric text, which is based on the understanding of reality as a symphony, a marvelous playground where the Divine radiance expands and contracts.

Learning to watch the same pulsation in our own mind or at the edge of a rising emotion can turn our daily life into a spectacular show where the utter absolute sacredness exists in the body as well as in the physical world.

The aim of this 60 hour training is to help to turn off the default mode network wiring and learn fluidity, a dancing quality that is inherent in spanda, learning to search for it in the body, through meditation, study and āsana practice.

In the science of Ayurveda and in the knowledge of Yoga, the body is seen as a reflection of nature, that is to say composed by the same elemental qualities: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. There is a dynamic relationship between these natural elements and their balance dictate our health and vitality.

It is said that all elements originate from ether. Dr. Frawley, a world renowned Ayurvedic teacher and writer says: “Ether moves to become air, air causes friction to become fire, fire becomes water as it becomes denser, water becomes earth as it coagulates”Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether animate our being and their dance becomes an instrument of balance from which one can create structure, union, transformation, movement and space.

We all experience these elements in our body. For some, it can be visceral and quite tangible, for others metaphorical, but when we can experience them, one way or the other, our awareness will help regulate them. It feels sometimes like we have too much of something, other times not enough. Being able to connect elements to parts of our body, and understand these sensations helps us uncover the innate balancing principle.

Anna created a series of Yoga sequences geared to unveil to power of the elements within our physical and energetic Body-Temple. Over the course of the week we Will be guided through a tranformational journey which will help us embody each Element and it’s qualities. The location we chose to host the training is particularly empowering and will be the perfect container to allow each element to arise from and within ourselves.

As a Yoga teacher we often see our students in a state of disembodiment, unable to receive and listen to the many messages their body is sending them daily. This approach to the practice is an extremely useful tool to guide them towards an effective state of listening and awareness.
As per Anna’s method, each elemental practice will be offered in two versions, the solar and lunar way. 
This journey is designed specifically for Yoga teachers and experienced practitioners.
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Shared room (twin): € 1.675
Single Occupancy (shared facilities): € 1.785
Standard single : € 1.885
Luxury Single: € 1.985

Anna’s Bio:

Originally from Italy, Anna embraces Yoga in NY city where she lived for 8 years and she had the chance to explore the many school of thoughts and styles available in the big metropolis. Here she completed her first Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga. It is the later move to California that encourages her to become a dedicated full time Yoga Teacher. In Los Angeles she continues her studies at the internationally known Yogaworks School, she studies Yoga Therapy with PH.D. Larry Payne. In 2008 Anna starts her studies with Shiva Rea and finds the approach to yoga she has always dreamed of. Since than Anna travels to California regularly to proceed in her studies with Shiva; spread the love of Yoga though traveling organizing workshops and retreats with the intention to inspire and empower.In 2005 she hears the calling to return to her home country to teach and spread the contemporary style of Yoga she learned. Once in Italy Anna is called to collaborate with the renewed teacher Maurizio Morelli whom she studes with for the following 3 years and whom is still currently one of her reference teacher for Hatha Yoga. They will work together intensively realizing many projects together as books and DVD. 

In the last 6 years Anna has developed her method of Vinyasa Krama Flow Yoga, which combines a well rounded and balanced blend of asana, mudra and Pranayama.

Her area of expertise has become training Yoga teachers to help them excel in their Dharma. Her best renowned courses are:
The Art of Sequencing
The art of Yoga Adjustments
Chakra Vinyasa Practices
Elemental Vinyasa Practices
Andrea’s bio:

Andrea is a dedicated meditation practitioner of over forty years and a meditation teacher for over twenty.  Through Teacher Trainings, yoga Immersions, and workshops, he teaches globally to students of all levels. Through his intimate contact with the internal realm he engages with his students and the world powerfully, effectively and with great love. In 1989 he received his Master’s degree cum laude in Modern Literature and Performing Arts and his master thesis was published among the ten most interesting thesis of the year.He worked in the film and television industry in close collaboration with luminaries such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Wim Wenders and George Lucas. He himself has directed documentary films for RAI television and international NGOs.

Since 2010 he is an Experienced Certified Anusara®Yoga Teacher (ECAT) and currently a member of Yoga Alliance USA, Yoga Alliance International and Yani.

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